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I couldn’t believe it when I searched Amazon and saw that the Google Nexus 7 Tablet was being sold, this means you get a tablet far more powerful in every way for just slightly more than the Kindle Fire.

This is simply a steal at this price and if you were in the market for a tablet, you should be picking one up right now!

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The Google Nexus 7 tablet outperformed even the iPad 3 in some tests done by Ars Technica largely due to it’s quad core processor and incredibly efficient GPU.  This tablet proves to be the best 7″ tablet to date and the price at about than the cost of a Nintendo 3DS means you get so much power for the price.  Why would you ever get a PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS when you can get a tablet with better graphics and more power for less?

Pick up a Google Nexus 7 right now!

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