Gaming with Different Aged Kids

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Guild Wars was probably my favorite MMO game back in the day and certainly the one I put more hours into than any other MMO that came out since. I actually was one of the few who never signed up for and played World of Warcraft, and Runes of Magic was my 2nd favorite MMO to date.

My 8 year old son who has been playing MMO’s for a while wanted Guild Wars 2 for his birthday so I pre-ordered both of us a copy (our Birthday’s are 5 days apart) and we both shall start investing in it together. I am considering getting a copy for my 5 year old who can play Wizard101 and a little bit of Runes of Magic, but still not quite capable of doing a full scale MMO yet due to his age so not sure if I should invest. The one problem I currently have is I am constantly torn between my older son wanting to play games with me that I certainly love but are too difficult for his 5 year old brother, and my 5 year old who still loves the younger games like Disney Universe, Skylanders…etc which his older 8 year old brother has grown out of (and most are only 2 player anyway).

So I am constantly dividing my time between my two kids playing separate games, the only one in common is Wizard 101 that we all play consistently. Eventually Oliver will catch up, but he sometimes thinks I like playing with his brother more than him, or that I play with his brother more than him so I am always struggling to keep the balance.

This is one of the main reasons why I plan to buy a Wii-U when it comes out at the end of the year, the Mario games are something my 5 year old just loves and are HIS thing, so I want to get the new one so we have some great me and him gaming and he feels just as included and knows I enjoy gaming with him just as much as his older brother.

They don’t realize how lucky they have it if their biggest complaint is which kid I spend more times playing games with 🙂

-Justin Germino

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