Long Time Since Blogging on iPad

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As I write this post I realize that I haven’t written a blog post on the WordPress iPad app since Easter weekend. I just don’t blog that much on my iPad and use it mostly for reading Google Currents, CNN, playing games and Facebook/Twitter…etc.

The WordPress app works pretty well for my smaller blogs that don’t required featured images, but I still find it difficult to use for DragonBlogger because the WordPress app doesn’t let you set a featured image (required by my theme) and inserting images into posts is still pretty cumbersome on the iPad tablet in general compared to the PC.

In fact writing in general on the iPad despite me using it for a full year now just isn’t as natural to me as the PC, though with a Bluetooth keyboard it definitely is easier but I just can’t get accurate or fast on the touch screen keys compared to a tactile keyboard. I may need to find a typing game for the iPad and practice to keep improving my skills. I downloaded one but it crashed and didn’t work, so will try to find one that is actually functional and good to review and tell my readers about sometime.

In the meantime, I have been pretty much in and out of hospitals with my wife for the last 14 days, and have been in the hospital for two days with her. This has been a difficult few weeks as is any family health crisis and my stress levels are at an all time high, I have mountains of emails piling up at my day job but fortunately in early July I brought on some more writers for DragonBlogger.com and they are good and get their articles in on time. This means I haven’t written an article in almost two weeks yet my site is loaded with quality content and unique perspectives from my writing staff which has grown from 3 back in January 2011 to 10 right now. My site actually churned out over 60+ posts last month on this site alone!

-Justin Germino

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