Trying to Be Gluten Free

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So in an effort to try and connect more with my wife who has been on a mostly Gluten Free diet (a few slip ups here and there) but now has to really make sure no further slip ups, I have attempted to show my support by living with the same restrictions.

This way I know and can directly relate to the annoyance when you see something you want to eat but cannot, though I am self denying and have no medical reason to do so like she does.

I have of course eaten many gluten free products over the past 5 months mainly because my wife cooks most of the meals and since she went Gluten Free in February of 2012, it meant that any home cooked meals would be gluten free, fortunately I can’t taste a difference they are delicious either way.  It helps that my wife is a trained chef and can really whip up some amazing dishes with wheat alternatives and I do prefer the taste of corn based pasta to rice pasta on occasion, but both do suffice okay.

Bread I find to be the hardest, but Dr Schar makes some amazing rolls, pasta and bread products that are gluten free and pre-packaged, some of it you can get in Fry’s or Walmart but most of it you get on

So far I am only 3 days Gluten Free and going out to eat is the hardest, I am not sure how long I will be able to commit to this but am really testing myself in seeing how much resolve I have and if I could do it if I had to type of thing.  We wound up cleaning out the cupboards, throwing away cutting boards and making nearly 90% of the pantry Gluten Free except for some staples for the kids, our oldest is completely supportive and at 8 years old was committing to go Gluten Free to help be supportive until he realized it meant no more McDonald’s, then he wavered quite a bit.

Meanwhile, really I should go dairy free, but rice cheese is horribly nasty and don’t like it, though when my wife baked some into some Gluten Free Lasagna it wasn’t intolerable, though the Lasagna still had Ricotta filling and the Rice Cheese was only shredded over the top.

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