Adventures in Napa: V. Sattui Winery

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Out of all the wineries and estates my wife and I visited in Napa Valley, V. Sattui was the only one we visited twice (2 days in a row).  It is just that good!

We also visited V. Sattui’s other property the Castello Di Amorosa but that is in a later article.

The V. Sattui estate is unreal, lavish, expansive and inviting.  You first enter and realize there will be no place to park close as it is packed the moment it opens.

The estate has sprawling grass area’s, picnic tables, benches, half barrel tables and several buildings which you can wander freely and explore.  We saw the barrels in the cellar aging and some HUGE barrels.


But, the real appeal of the V. Sattui winery is not only the wine tasting where we had some of the best wines ever sampled (particularly in the dessert wine category which happens to be my wife and my favorite type of wines), but they also have a fresh deli and cheese counter where you can find hundreds of unique cheeses, meats and deli items to feast upon.  It takes a long time and you have to get a number, so come early and prepare for 20 minute or longer wait until your turn to order (except for grabbing cheeses).


The Wensleydale with Cranberries was one of the best cheeses I ever had the pleasure of tasting in my life.  The smoked Gouda was also amazing, and over both days we sampled 11 wines and 7 cheeses from V. Sattui winery alone!

The Angelica, Gamay Rouge and most emphatically the Madeira were so amazing that we bought a bottle of each and 2 bottles of the Madeira.


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