Getting Back into Dungeons and Dragons?

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My wife and I always joked about my two sons being my DnD minions someday and looks like that day may come sooner than I thought when my 8 year old showed so much interest in finally taking a gander at the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 collection I have and rolling up a character.  He has been playing MMO’s like Runes of Magic, World of Warcraft, Rift and also had played the Dungeons and Dragons board game (with board, pieces…etc) so knew quite a bit about it and adjusted quickly.

My five year old also rolled up a character the other day, and my eldest son chose to roll up a Neutral Human Rogue while my youngest rolled up a Lawful Good Human Fighter. 

I remember how much work I did creating Dungeons and Dragons maps, tables, excel generators (I created the most complicated spreadsheets with vlookup and randbetween to create encounter tables, gem creators and more).


I could create entire full stats NPC’s with a simply F9 key in Excel, or encounters in forest, desert or any terrain setting.

So I went through all my folders labeled "DND" on my computer where I have dozens of excel and word docs all of which have a timestamp of 2001-2004 (none more recent) and I can’t believe it has really been that long since I last played Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper.

-Justin Germino

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