Finished The Wind Through the Keyhole a Dark Tower Novel

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The Dark Tower series was always one of my favorite of all time by Stephen King who managed to pull of a series that was part western, part fantasy, part science fiction, part post apocalyptic and part horror.  Weaving all of these elements with a parallel world that bordered on our own where paradigms, and influences bled through into both worlds.

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When I finished [easyazon-link asin=”1451658907″]The Wind Through the Keyhole[/easyazon-link] a few weeks ago I hadn’t read or listened to (I prefer audiobooks) the Dark Tower Series since the 7th and final book was published back in 2006.  So imagine my surprise when 6 years later I just “fell” into it and everything came back to me instantly.

The book seamlessly places itself in between the events of Wizard and Glass and Wolves of the Calla and you can read it between books 4 and 5 or simply as a standalone book since it doesn’t reference too much of the overall story arc and is more of a separate story telling much like book 4 itself was.

The events surround Roland and his Ka-tet seeking shelter from a deadly storm and telling the tale when a young Roland Deschane riddled with guilt over the death of his mother and sent on a quest by his father to hunt what may be a “skin man” which is a form of shapechanger (think Werewolf but can take any form) that is murdering villages in a nearby town.

Read by Stephen King himself the audiobook was fantastic and I listened to it on my 13 hour drive to Napa Valley and 11 hour drive back to San Diego, finishing it up on the return 5 hour drive to Arizona.  So all in all was about 20-22 hours of listening time.

Highly recommended if you are Stephen King fan and especially a must read or listen if you are a fan of The Dark Tower Series.

-Justin Germino

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