More FourSquare Local Deals Needed in Casa Grande

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I happen to use FourSquare on occasion and one of my favorite things to leverage with FourSquare is the Chili’s out here in Casa Grande offers you free chips & salsa if you check in with FourSquare and show them you are checked in. ¬†This is what I do every time to get my free chips & salsa and as much as I frequent going out to eat I wish other local businesses would leverage FourSquare check in specials more here in Casa Grande, Arizona.

I just found out that WeReward has BlackBerry version of the application out that allows you to earn money for checking in at local establishments and I am going to have to download it and install it to see if there are any local establishments in my small city that I may be able to collect rewards from.

Overall, I think FourSquare and other local check in type applications are good for promoting local businesses but not the wisest thing for people to constantly declare they are not home and out and about in the town. ¬† There are risks of robberies, stalking and other potential for abuse but so far there hasn’t been any publicized crime that was the result of someone taking advantage of someones broadcasting their location yet.

It is only a matter of time,

-Justin Germino

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