Replacement MagicJack Arrived

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So my replacement MagicJack arrived and worked perfectly right out of the box, I plugged in my phone and no more “Line in Use” error that I had received with my older USB MagicJack that somehow went south on me after using it for a year.  The problem I have now is that my telephone which plugs into the USB seems to have such a low volume compared to using the Logitech Wireless computer headset that I was using.  This means that even though I can use my phone again and it is more convenient I can’t hear out of it even with all volume controls turned up to max.  Now the phone itself isn’t great and it is possible with a higher quality phone I could get better and louder audio quality, but because my ear is still clogged I have more benefit from the binaural audio from my computer headphones.

Though the microphone is clearer on the telephone and people say they can hear me better, I am still using my headset due to better volume controls and being able to hear conversations in both ears instead of a single ear.  I still think the MagicJack is a value and even though Skype is free when calling other Skype phones the MagicJack is free calling any phone anywhere in the country no matter what.  You only pay for the $19.99 per year plus the cost of the MagicJack itself.

If you do buy the MagicJack make sure you do it from the original MagicJack website, the company will not honor warranties on MagicJack purchases made from Radioshack, BestBuy, Wal-Mart or other retail stores, you must have the original website order number.  This is how I ordered it and I am glad I did because they replaced my MagicJack after 14 months when it broke, they would not have done so if I had purchased it from a local retail store.

-Justin Germino

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