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I have been a fan of natural fruit drinks and recently when I tried a new one called Fruit2Day I was really impressed with this creative and healthy beverage.  Fruit2Day drinks are different in that they have not only a collection of fruit juices but have cut up bits of fruit pulp inside the drink itself so while you are drinking you actually are eating some chunks of fruit with your drink.  This makes for a unique experience where as you drink you have to stop and chew and I have tried four flavors total and enjoyed every single one so far.

My favorite is actually the pomegranate blueberry which I didn’t have a picture of when I was taking photos of my bottles for this post.  The chunks of blueberries are delicious and the whole drink is fairly small but only has about 130 calories.  Each bottle offers 2 servings of fruit per day and starting your day off with one of these drinks in place of a snack or breakfast is a great way to add some healthy fruit to your diet and reduce calorie consumption (provided you don’t drink these and just keep on eating a normal snack or meal, the trick is to replace a snack or else you just add calories).

Still the Pineapple Banana is fantastic and the bits of pineapple taste delicious when you are chewing them up between swallows of the drink.  I found Fruit2Day at my local Fry’s Marketplace and became completely hooked.  I do drink the Naked juice brands and enjoy those as well, but the chunks of pulp in the drink really add something different.  One think I noticed is that the vitamin content of the Fruit2Day drinks seems to be a bit lower than the Naked brand juices when you compare.

If you haven’t tried the Fruit2Day brand of fruit juice and pulp I highly recommend you give it a try, I became totally hooked and buy about 4 of them per week.  They aren’t overly cheap though and I wish they sold them in four packs where you can save a little bit buying them in packs instead of individually.

I did find out if you go to their homepage and sign up for their mailing list you can print out coupons for $1 off the product which I have done.

-Justin Germino

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