Food Costs Out of Control

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I realized this week that I basically spent double what I had in my budget for food, it is the one area where I constantly fail in my budget is to keep my food expenses down.  The reasons are simple:

Too much going out to eat

Yet this cycle is very hard to break, and when you eat out with a family of four you are paying a tremendous amount of money at a sit down restaurant, even for breakfast it costs over $30 to have an IHOP or Mimi’s Cafe breakfast these days.

Yet because of tight schedules and being cooped up in the house all day long, you tend to want to get out of the house, and when we go out it is usually to eat somewhere.  My goals are to tighten down on going out to eat, though I have attempted this before I really need to build up the willpower.

-Justin Germino

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