Expanding My Work Out

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I have been focusing on using my Tension Band more when working out these last few days, especially since I snapped my Torso Tiger after using it for two years. I also went through three pairs of hand grips (to strengthen your wrist, hand and forearm muscles) and the latest pair is more comfortable to use, but doesn’t give as much resistance as the previous pair.

I have not actually used Kettlebells before, though it is a celebrity trend and you can find them in fitness stores everywhere. I still use my free weights as much as possible, but somehow I injured my right arm just past the shoulder and I have a sharp pain that seems deeper than muscle when lifting. It hasn’t recovered on its own so I may have to see my Chiropractor and have him adjust my arm and spine to make sure its in proper alignment.

Resistance weights are really good for toning, and I find that doing fifteen minutes of strenuous activity twice a day keeps my heart pumping faster longer, and appears to be more beneficial to my metabolism than just working out in one thirty minute stretch. This could of course just be an illusion, I have no real science to back this up.

In the meantime I still work toward my fitness goals and try to vary up my routine to prevent muscle plateauing, which has happened to me before, but I seem to be able to get around it by doing something completely different every once and a while.

-Justin Germino

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