Job Hunting Specific Positions

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One of the great thing about the Internet is that there are so many options when looking for jobs, you can not only browser jobs in your local state, but can browse jobs around the world and even find some that allow you to work remotely without having to relocate or move in this day and age. You also can find specific job sites that search and list only jobs in specific fields like if you were looking only for Information Technology Jobs, or Jobs that Pay only 100k or higher. If you worked in Healthcare and wanted to find perform an Insurance Job Search to find a new position in your state or another location you can do just that.

There will always be room for the giant Job sites out there, but the smaller niche job sites also have a place and are worth checking out, just do a search on google for your “career + jobs” and you may find specific job sites out there for whatever field you are looking to work in. Just remember, make sure your resume is up to date and make sure you tailor it specifically for each job you request, make it look like the resume was made just for that job, the more specific it is for the position you apply far the more notice it will grab.

-Justin Germino

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