Fluffykins the Bunny Joins Us

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I hate to admit it but the family learned a few life lessons last week and that is that you shouldn’t remove a baby animal from the wild to bring home and keep as a pet BUT if you do you should make sure you know the behavior of your other pets in the house.

So, we had brought a young Jack Rabbit home and he was named Hop by my boys.  He lasted 3 days before I learned the hard way that my old female Boston Terrier dog was a rabbit killer.  While my wife was taking the kids to school one day, she got up in the kids room (door was left open) and knocked over the cage (which was just sitting on the floor).  My wife came home and had to clean up the remains of poor Hop and was traumatized.  Even worse was how my poor kids reacted to hearing that their beloved wild Jack Rabbit was fatally killed by our dog.

We had spent over $100 on a rabbit cage, bunny food and supplies and I always lose receipts.  So we decided to try again with more diligence after my son wanting nothing more than to spend his earnings on a bunny after receiving straight A’s in school in every subject (we pay him for each A he earns so he earned enough to buy a bunny).  We found a bunny breeder in Mesa, AZ and my son picked out and bought a lop eared brown bunny naming him Fluffykins.


Yes Fluffykins is the name of the rabbit, and this time we have his cage up high on a bookshelf and the door will always be closed.  We know our oldest Boston Terrier is a killer so we have to make sure she isn’t anywhere near the bunny when the kids take it out to play with it.  My youngest Boston Terrier named Porky is fine around the bunny he doesn’t do anything but give it a gentle lick.


So Fluffykins joins the family and hopefully we can prevent our son from losing another animal in such a brutal fashion.  He actually is very guarding and caring for the bunny who already has a liking to him.  The bunny will come to him when he calls and holds lettuce out as well as enjoys just sitting on his lap while he watches TV.

Currently Fluffykins is only 3 months old and I am hoping he has a long and healthy life.

-Justin Germino

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