The 5 Best Performing Trucks

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Trucks are incredibly popular among thousands of drivers in the U.S., and the market for trucks in America has continued to expand. The market for trucks has long been a competitive one, with only a few trucks truly standing out from the rest in terms of performance and durability. There are five trucks that truly capture the attention of truck drivers everywhere, and these five trucks are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a truck that will last longer than they will. Whether new or used, these five trucks will just keep on running:

1.       Nissan Titan SE

imageThis powerhouse was named the best full-size pickup truck a few years ago, and is still worthy of its title years later. The Titan is incredibly lightweight, and the engine that powers it is truly a marvel of engineering. This beast can go from 0-60 mph in just 7.68 seconds, and is the perfect truck for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of off-roading. The interior of the Titan is truly a luxurious affair, with comfortable seats and ample leg room.

2.       Toyota Tundra

imageThe Toyota Tundra houses one of the most powerful truck engines on the market, and is able to pick up speed at incredible rates. The Tundra can go from 0-60 mph in 7.52 seconds, triumphing over the lighter Titan SE. This is one of the heaviest trucks available, and comes with brakes that are some of the world’s best. The Tundra Crewmax Limited has rear seats that are named the most comfortable of any truck, and looking at the plush luxury of the seats leave no doubt that the claim is true. The Tundra is able to tow 10,000 pounds, making it a monster capable of pulling any load.

3.       Chevrolet Silverado

imageGMC has failed in its car making before, but they certainly did something right with the Silverado. The interior of the cabin is well made and very sturdy, as compared to the flimsier plastic interiors of the Titan SE and Tundra. This is the perfect freeway or long distance truck, providing a luxurious ride for long periods of time. While it may not be the best performing truck, it is the truck of choice for anyone who has to drive a long way, thanks to the ergonomic seats.

4.       Ford F150

imageThe Ford F Series trucks have long been the best selling trucks in the U.S., and the Ford F150 does not disappoint. The F Series trucks are well known for being incredibly easy to handle, smooth-riding, trucks that are great for any task. The F150 has some of the best stopping power of all trucks, able to go from 60-0 mph loaded with 1000 pounds in just over 123 feet.

5.       Dodge Ram

imageDodge has just redesigned its monster truck, placing it high in the overall truck competition. While this truck may not handle as well as the Tundra or Titan SE, it is no slob when it comes to engine power and overall maneuverability. The Ram is known for its high-tech rear coil suspension, making it one of the smoothest rides of any trucks

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Updated: April 15, 2011 — 8:00 am