First Fishing Trip with New Boat

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Finally we took our new Tracker V14 Guide boat to Woods Canyon Lake in Northern Arizona yesterday to do a little fishing for trout. We love to fish in the Rim country and the weather in Northern Arizona is about 25 degrees cooler than it is down in the Southern part of the state. The smell of fresh pine trees and the lake is always a pleasant experience. My kids were outfitted with brand new life jackets and we even brought my dog Porky on the boat with us.

We arrived at Woods Canyon Lake after about a three and a half hour drive from Casa Grande and had a little trouble backing the boat trailer into the water, funny thing trying to reverse a boat trailer from a Truck and it is pretty tricky as the trailer bends and turns in ways you don’t want it to. After about five minutes however we were able to get the boat into the water and released from the trailer. We were all loaded and in taking off with our battery powered motor.

Unfortunately, you see those darkening clouds behind me?

We were on the water not more than two hours when a massive thunderstorm started rolling in on top of us, I managed to snap these photos of the incoming storm before I had to put my camera away before it would get wet and be ruined.

The storm came down fast and furious, at first we just docked the boat at the shore and tied it to a tree hoping the storm would abate. After an hour the storm only intensified and the lightning and thunder was booming so loud that my dog was whimpering when the rain drops fell on him. We had to hitch the boat up in the pouring rain and I had to jump into the lake up to my waist getting my sneakers, socks, pants and shirt completely soaked.

We all rode back in the truck to Phoenix stopping for some hot coffee at Jack in the Box in Payson (which unfortunately had no fresh coffee left and some older cold coffee they just heated in a microwave). As we were driving to Payson though the storm grew so severe that hail the size of moth balls were slamming into the truck and the boat for about ten minutes. I swear the temperature was in the high fifties and with me being completely soaked I was so cold I had to have the heat turned up in the car with the dog laying on my lap so I could absorb some of his body heat.

All in all it was an adventure that was spend with 6 hours of driving and only two hours on the water. The kids had a good time even though we caught no fish and most of the time was spent weathering a savage thunderstorm. This was one heck of a first time to bring the new boat up to Woods Canyon Lake.

-Justin Germino

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