Find Free Logos and What to Use Them For

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I thought of yet another really great use for free logos or vector images from which is a free vector graphics search engine.  As I was working on my WP Touch Pro mobile theme configuration for DragonBlogger earlier in the week I realized you can set custom icons for each of the categories, well I couldn’t find everything I wanted in the various icon packs that come with WP Touch Pro so I decided to use to see if I could find some cool logos or vectors which I could turn into tiny icons in WP Touch Pro.


I wanted to find a vector for my Entertainment category which features movies, and there was a fantastic set of film reels, slides, and theater related vector images that I could easily open in Inkscape, resize to make the icon size I needed then export as a jpg to include in my custom icon set.

I repeated the process for my gaming category and searched for “controller” on the Vector Me search engine and found a ton of free vector images related to gaming controllers.


The awesome thing about is that you can filter your search results by color, file type and many of the vector packs come with png or jpg files, if they don’t, don’t sweat it as Adobe PDF or Inkscape which is free can open just about any of the vector files and let you start working with them, change colors, export and do more.

Trust me, if you are looking for free vector images, then give a look it has over 200,000+ free vector images for you to choose from and you can use them for anything from header banners, sidebar creatives to simple icons and logos.  That is the great thing about vector images is that they scan scale with no loss of image quality, unlike a jpg, png or gif file where as you scale up they lose image quality because they are based on a specific number of pixels where vectors are an algorithm that scales without any quality degradation.

Vectors are especially useful if you are wanting to do T-Shirt prints or other offline media because of their scalability.  Need vector images, remember is the place to look first and if you can’t find a free vector that matches they have the links to premium vectors right from the site.

Updated: May 10, 2013 — 7:05 pm