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Sure there are browser extensions and add-ons that let you take screen captures or snippets of articles/posts so that you can publish them on your blog but one of the easiest and most simple to use if you blog with Live Writer is the default IE functionality where you can select a portion of a website and just click "Blog this in Live Writer".

You can find this by selecting what you want to copy, clicking Tools and then Blog this in Windows Live Writer


Now what you wanted to copy will show up with all links intact and even better credit to the source article is given at the end of the copied text so proper attribution is given.  This is a great way to build an article around information from a source article where you can share your own opinions, views and yet include some of the material from the source article to give your readers reference.  This is great for grabbing phrases, quotes or small portions that you want to call out and address.

If you use Live Writer this could be a good reason to at least use Internet as your browser some of the time, because Blog This in Live Writer is one of the best built in tools for Internet Explorer when you have Windows Live Essentials installed with Writer.

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Updated: May 5, 2013 — 11:13 am