Finally Have an iPad 2

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So yesterday my lovely wife gives me an iPad 2 as a present and I am overjoyed, happy and excited.  She knew when I got her an iPad 2 several weeks ago how much I wanted one and I am sure when she saw me drooling over hers or walking past it while it lie sleeping on her desk gazing at it like a child wanting forbidden cake she knew how much I wanted one.

Turns out that right after I got her one, she turned around and did the same for me.  It arrived and I have been scouring the best free applications for it as soon as I had it on the network.


The Netflix movie quality is just amazing and Toy Story 3 looked beautiful on the iPad 2 screen.

One of my favorite news apps was BBC news which was free and works very well on the iPad.


Hootsuite is the winner for my favorite Twitter client for the iPad and allows you to scroll through all your columns and accounts with ease.  It is a little bit tricky to select which account you want to tweet from when you have sausage fingers like me though and that would be my only caveat.


An the other day I tested the WordPress iPad app and wrote a post on the fly publishing it when done.  Typing on the iPad while it is in landscape mode is fairly easy and I can get 3 fingers from each hand working the Qwerty keyboard, I can type fairly fast though there is a bit higher rate of error due to not being able to feel the keys and my fingers will still need time to memorize the layout and positions which will improve my accuracy and speed.


The WordPress app is great for moderating and responding to comments and typing up quick blog posts but lacks fine options for formatting.  You can insert pictures/video but lack many of the formatting buttons or access to many of the custom WordPress plugins.  The WordPress iPad app does let you write posts in Draft mode and save them locally on the iPad allowing you to publish or schedule them when you finally get back to a Wi-Fi network.

Angry Birds Rio was the first free game app I downloaded, I have tons more to download and I am really excited to finally be able to start reviewing iPad apps on my technology blog.

-Justin Germino

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