Rampant Impatience and Intolerance

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Why is the world in such a hurry that someone must become completely rude and disrespectful if they don’t get immediate actions.  I was livid when my wife was telling me how the other week she was driving into a drive through bank to deposit some money and she just pulled up and started putting together information for the deposit when somebody behind her pulled up and started honking then cursing loudly for her to hurry up.

Seriously, I mean at a bank drive through line which is a fairly professional establishment does it seem okay to display this kind of tact or lack thereof?

Just a few weeks before that my wife and I were leaving WalMart with our kids and a lady driving a car wasn’t going to stop and yield to pedestrians.  We saw the car and stopped our family and the car finally stopped, but some woman passerby yelled at the driving woman to stop that there were kids present.  Sure enough the male passenger got out and started threatening the woman and a whole scene of people came over and got involved. 

imageLuckily I just walked my kids and family to the car and the fighting never escalated beyond some foul language and yelling before the people drove off but it could have been a violent situation and this is a prime example about courtesy and respect lacking in the vast majority of people nowadays.

Simply put everyone should pretend that they are on a job interview all the time whenever interfacing with other customers.  Your job is to make sure you are remembered for having outstanding character and professionalism at all times.  This should be especially true now that security camera’s are everywhere and at any time in any public location you are on camera.  The next time you think about public hostility, assault or being a punk remember your appearance might end up on YouTube or as evidence to policy should you actually commit a crime.

It is a wonder why so many people fear "Big Brother" and having no privacy, people seem to have no ability to control the way they act in public and have lost all sense of decency.  This seems to be worse in larger cities, I still see evidence of more respect and community from smaller towns and suburbs.  But alas, I still believe there is more good in this world than evil and more people are inherently polite and respectful but subscribe to the theory that the "bad events" stand out in your head more which makes it seem there is more by contrast.

-Justin Germino

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