Finally Completed a Last Will and Testament

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Sunday night my wife and I finally got together and worked on our Last Will and Testaments.  We decided to stop procrastinating and get it done because we both are flying to Italy this summer and in the event something goes horribly wrong we would likely both be wiped out at the same time.  We need to ensure our kids are taken care of and more than 1 guardian is listed in case other things happen.

We had decided to use LegalZoom and it was the first time I had used the service, we both found it easy to use and had both of our computers side by side while we drafted our wills together helping each other through the planning and question process.

imageReally while we were sitting there drafting up our special instructions, how our assets get divided the whole thought of imagining my kids losing their parents at their young age and me not being there for them came to mind and it is an oddly hollow feeling you get when you are working on your own will.  At least this is the way it was for me, when I was finished I couldn’t help but think I should savor the time I have with my kids now even more than I already do.

Everyone should have a will drafted and this is especially true if you have children, you need to have guardians legally appointed and disclose how whatever is left over gets handled.  I regret putting it off until 7 years after my first son was born, I should have had a last will and testament seven years ago and shouldn’t have waited so long.

The good thing about the LegalZoom package we bought is we can make unlimited updates and amendments, so as you collect more assets or items you can specifically chose who and where you want those assets to be distributed.  An example is if you want to leave a family heirloom to one person, or a computer to another.  You can specifically spell out each individual asset and what you want done with it. 

At around $70 for the will it will arrive in the mail in full documentation and be kept in a safety deposit box.  I know many people who have paid 5x that price to have a last will and testament drawn up by lawyers.  I am however glad that it is over with and it was a necessity that had to be ripped off like a Band-Aid.

-Justin Germino

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