Finally Found Ostrich Sticks

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A long time ago, I used to buy Ostrich Sticks from Hi-Health, the pepper kind and really really enjoyed them.  I haven’t been able to find them in any store locally in Casa Grande and finally searched years later.

Ostrich jerky is actually extremely lean and packs a lot of protein in an 80 calorie jerky stick.  At 14 grams of protein, 0 saturated fat and virtually 0 carbohydrates this is a perfect snack.  Pair with some fruit or vegetables and it is a really good meal replacement too for a lunch.

Now Ostrich sticks do taste different from beef or even turkey jerky and they are slightly moist rather than completely dry and hard to tear apart.  This is what I actually like about them though.  The flavor is more like chicken but I actually prefer Ostrich sticks and the pepper flavored ones are my favorite by far.

Now, they do have some beef in them so they aren’t beef free, but is Ostrich and Beef combination.  I actually didn’t know that originally and thought they were 100% ostrich.  I have had ostrich burgers before at Fuddruckers too and really like the flavor as well.

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-Justin Germino

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