Happy 4th of July

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Happy Independence day to everyone, today also happens to be my 12th wedding Anniversary as my wife and I were married at the Phoenix Zoo back in July 4th 1999.

We are on our Italy cruise right now, and today’s stop is in Sicily where we will do a walking tour of Mt. Etna. 

Though we won’t see any bubbling lava (likely) and nature’s fireworks on our tour we should be having a great time.

As someone who used to set off fireworks as a kid in NY, remember to keep safe and fireworks are no joke for kids.  Arizona recently legalized fireworks on 4th of July which was a stupid move for a state that is in a bad drought and has had some of the worst wild fires ever. 

I wouldn’t recommend using any fireworks in Arizona even if it is legal, there are ways to enjoy and celebrate without risking burning a hand, building or starting a wildfire.  If you do decide to use fireworks, then makes sure it is on concrete and there is no chance of catching on nearby foliage.  Make sure to keep children clear and be very careful.

Man, you know I didn’t really think of such things until I became a father of two boys.  Now I am acting like some sort of parent, go figure.

-Justin Germino

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