Facetime between Two iPads

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It was really a blast setting up Facetime and talking with my kids and wife between our 2 iPad devices.  This really is what the future of video calls will be and I took my family on a video tour of the CA home holding the iPad like a movie camera and walking them through each room and feature.

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Ironically when I was showing my kids the bedrooms (since they haven’t been up to the new place yet), my wife noticed the bed was made and was like “You made the bed?” I was responded that I wasn’t a slob when by myself but truthfully it is much easier to make a bed when you are only using 1/2 of it and it involves just folding the sheet/blanket back over the wedge you unfolded.

I can’t talk enough about how cool Facetime is on the iPads, I have seen people using it to talk to each other over iPhone’s and it really shines when you have 2 people on an iPad.  The camera resolution of course needed to be better, if the iPad camera was 8MP like the iPhone 4S will be then it would be outstanding.  Perhaps a little LED light in there too just so you can see each other in dimly lit rooms.

But hey, these are minor quips and I am sure the iPad 3 will have a better camera and maybe some flash/light capabilities built in right?

So I am now officially a Facetime fan, and we did about 5 Facetime calls during my 3 day stay in CA before my family could come up and join me.  The kids really enjoy it and seeing them to say goodnight is infinitely better than just saying it on the phone.

-Justin Germino

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