Troubleshooting Feed Performance

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I have noticed that with caching and other tweaks my site performs fairly well, not great but fairly well. shows loading in 5.6 seconds and Google Performance testing tool gives it an 88/100 which isn’t bad but not in the 90+ range I want to be in.

One thing I really notice and this is very apparent when I go comment on other WordPress blogs using CommentLuv is that my blog feed is terribly slow responding.  The homepage and posts aren’t, but the feed itself is so slow it often times out on the CommentLuv check (Even CommentLuv Premium).

I manually tested and show that it is very slow, it is almost like there is a delay and then once it gets passed it the feed loads fast.  I can’t tell if there is queuing or something on the database layer but it is really bugging me so I need to work on improving the performance.  I considered maybe building a redirect statement to send the feed to Feedblitz but not sure if that would work or break my feed.  I should probably test it at some point.

Meanwhile, I am continuing to test some new performance plugins and try various options to improve my blog speed.  I found some really helpful articles online and am going to test out a few things I haven’t tried before.

These are 3 of the articles I read recently, though much is information gleaned from other sites there is some new info on each site that I considered.

Has anybody noticed a performance issue specifically with their blog feed (served from WordPress not Feedburner or Feedblitz)?

-Justin Germino

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