Can You Afford Not to Try That?

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Make up a list of everything you didn’t try or do because of one excuse for another, this could be anything from a restaurant you skipped or a trip or travel turned down to a person you rejected outright for one reason or another.

We life in a world of excuses it seems and more people can come up with reasons for not doing something than doing it.  Life is about experiences, why have a list of all the things you haven’t tried be larger than the list of things you have tried when you reach the end of the road.

Live life fuller, try to experience something new and different as frequently as possible.  Jump outside your comfort zone a little and face the unknown or change even if you are a little scared.

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B0012VL9J2″ alt=”Almond Blossom Poster Print by Vincent van Gogh, 36×24 Floral & Botanical Poster Print by Vincent van Gogh, 36×24″ src=”” align=”left” width=”160″ height=”107″]The lessons and experience nearly always pay off.  I found myself in a lazy rut of situation last week where I was alone in our CA pad waiting for my wife and kids to come down.  I had virtually nothing but boxed food in the house and was coming up with excuses why I didn’t want to walk a mile to a nearby restaurant.  Seriously, have I become that lazy that I won’t walk a mile to find something to eat in weather that is 75 degrees?  WTF is wrong with me that I even was too lazy to consider this.

So I started writing this post and made it a point to push myself past my laziness and do something different, I spent 3 nights shelled up eating inside a house alone when I lived 5 minute walk from the beach.  I spent maybe 1 hour out of the last 36 outside at all when 2 days were perfect weather.

Can’t stay trapped inside my own laziness forever, time to get out more.

-Justin Germino

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