Facebook Offers How You Feel and What Your Doing

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In an effort to add something else you can share with your audience, Facebook implements the How You Feel symbol which looks like a face emoticon, here you can select your mood, or what activity you are doing and Facebook has some generic emoticons to represent your activity, mood…etc.


When selecting the new emoticons, you notice Facebook says it will also add them to your about page and other places, so they become part of your profile in various areas.


This seems to be yet another way Facebook can tie people’s activities to advertisers brands, fanpages and more.  I even tested and can pull my own site fanpage into the emoticon with reading my blog.


This new feature hasn’t rolled out for everyone yet, as people were quick to comment that they don’t see this feature on their profiles, but as we know Facebook rolls out changes to various groups before mass rollouts this change is probably coming to all very soon.

I also noticed the FB feature of emoticons and sharing how you feel doesn’t make it’s way to Twitter when you have Facebook set up to share your message on Twitter, this can leave with some incomplete Tweets.


So be aware of this when sharing messages if you also have Facebook share your message on Twitter.

It was fun to play with, and I think as I mentioned before the sole purpose will be to get a little more attention to brands, advertisers when they are selected which could grow recognition.  I also see eventually Facebook graph being tied in and people can search for those who watch Spongebob or play Magic the Gathering to find people with common interests to possibly friend.

Updated: April 18, 2013 — 6:28 am