Kids into Magic the Gathering

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After a computer ban this weekend, in looking for offline activities for the kids picked up a 250 card deck builder set for Magic the Gathering 2013 from Target.   Was able to build about 4 starter decks for the two boys and myself and started teaching the kids how to play Magic the Gathering.

Granted, they are 9 and 6 so the game is far more advanced and the six year old needs a lot of help.  Fortunately the fire deck came out pretty strong and he was able to obliterate his brother in a one on one without me even helping, his older brother helped him defeat himself while I was sleeping this morning.

We did a 3 way match and my 9 year old learned he liked the creature heavy forest deck much better than the blue illusion deck.  I always preferred plains / white decks myself and focused on healing, life link and first strike cards where I could.

Three matches in only 5 hours and I need a break, as we are heading off to the Boston Terrier picnic in Scottsdale for a few hours today and taking our 3 Boston Terriers to hang out with a whole other pack of BT’s.  It will be a black and white dog party.

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