Driving to Las Vegas

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I am on the road today driving to Las Vegas to attend CA World 2013 where I attend to keep up with the latest in online security, mobile security and identity and access management which are focus technologies used in my day job.  I am not a presenter this year as I had been in previous years as I don’t have anything particular to present on and I don’t do as much hands on with technology as I used to.

It was kind of stressful to present to a crowd anyway, I was never very comfortable with it though I am generally fine in audiences on large conference calls in person I just don’t like standing in front of a crowd being the object of everyone’s gaze.  It trips me up.

Meanwhile, I haven’t been able to find the time to write a Twitter poem in over a week and probably won’t get to one until Friday of next week, which will be the longest gap yet that I have gone without writing a Twitter poem which is one of my favorite creative exercises.

I am really excited to see Richard Branson speak at CA World as he was the guest Keynote speaker and he is one of my role models as a tech enthusiast who looks past the everyday and envisions and takes gambles on future technology. 

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