Energy Drink Withdrawals

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I knew I had a problem when last week my wife said “Your using again” referring to the fact that I had been energy drink sober for six months and had lapsed into an Energy Drink addiction all over again.   It started by being at the Shinedown concert last Monday night and socializing with a coworker at a bar until 3am.  I was just so tired I could not help but consume 5 red bulls (2 regular and 3 diet) to keep my fatigue at bay.  Monday having just two hours of sleep I barely could function so I bought a four pack of Diet Rockstar to get me through the work day and through Wednesday as well.  By Thursday I was having severe stomach pains on and off for two days and having jitters and trouble sleeping.

The withdrawals from the caffeine include migraines, stomach pains, shakes, sweats, sleeplessness and worse.  So Friday and Saturday I haven’t had any energy drinks and have gone cold turkey, this time I intend to banish them from my life as no good comes from consuming these chemical and caffeine cocktails.  Overall I am still fighting constant chronic fatigue but its better than it was yesterday.  This stuff is brutal, don’t get addicted to energy drinks because it is hard to stop and the lack of energy you have while trying to give them up really makes you want to start drinking them again.

-Justin Germino

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