Work Life Balance A Struggle

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It is no surprise that when you have a full time job that consumes 45+ hours per week and you have a wife and two kids that you have little time for any hobbies or side activities. It is why I have a hard time keeping up with my 3 primary blogs and I have to carve out a few hours here and there to keep new articles current, research new information and provide interesting content to my readers.

My work life balance sometimes tips the wrong way (too much work) not enough personal life activities, and I regret each time I spend an hour on my PC writing a few blog posts instead of playing with my kids the extra hour. I try to keep my blogging activity to nights and some hours on the weekends, but this isn’t always feasible either.

Many bloggers have quit being unable to find a balance that works for them and ultimately having to give up the hobby to satisfy other more important needs in their lives. My wife often reminds me that I used to game all the time, Guild Wars, Starcraft, Playstation 2 games…etc and since I started blogging I have had little to no interest in gaming like I used to.

Blogging has become my hobby, it has taken over that desire to game, now I feel like writing content and articles instead of playing games as much as I do. I still play Wii games with the kids, and test out a game here and there, but primarily it is for my blogging and so I can review and report on it.

I believe it is important to have some hobbies and “personal time” to yourself, at least 10 hours per week that you can spend on your own pursuits and interests without feeling guilty. I probably carve out somewhere between 15-20 hours per week for blogging but most of it is at night when the family is sleeping, so I don’t consider that taking hours away from spending time with my family.

-Justin Germino

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