Cultivating Your Relationship

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Pardon the metaphor, but a relationship is really like a garden. It starts off being planted with the connection between couples growing like saplings, if the relationship is not cared for then it will wither and wilt rather than bear fruit. If you are at a rut in your relationship and you feel it could use some pruning and some fertilizing, then think back to the early days of your relationship during the “Wooing” phase. Find and remember the reasons why your partner fell in love with you in the first place, what were the actions, behaviors and personality traits that swept them off their feet.

It is all to often that people change over the years, and relationships change but most people simply stop trying or forget what they had that made their relationship so special in the first place. Look within to find what cultivated your relationship and plant some more seeds, we all could spend some time trying to make our partner fall in love with us over and over again.

In a quote by Mignon McLaughlin “Marriage is about falling in love again and again, with the same person”

-Justin Germino

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