Not So Fun Breakfast Surprise

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So yesterday while eating at IHOP locally here in Casa Grande I encountered a rather dangerous surprise in my food.

My wife adores the IHOP pumpkin pancakes and we go quite frequently when they release this special.  I myself prefer the buttermilk or in the case of yesterday ordered the Harvest Grain pancakes on the side with my breakfast order.

While chewing on the harvest grain pancakes I noticed some crunchy bits and spit them out to examine them only to find small pieces of glass in my pancake.  There was about 3-4 bits of glass in one bite full (but this was my fourth bite before I noticed). 

It appeared to be the kind of glass bits from a drinking glass but I couldn’t tell for sure.  I notified the waitress and the General Manager who immediately ordered all batter for the Harvest Grain and Nut pancakes pulled while the investigated the source.  In the meantime nothing unusual was found and they comp’d about half the meal.

I am no stranger to finding foreign objects in my food, I have found pieces of sharp Tupperware in one restaurant before, but this was the first time I had ever found glass in my food.  Note, we have eaten at IHOP about 100 times over the past three years and this was the first time anything like this ever happened.

I am pretty sure I didn’t swallow any glass, but I do tend to inhale my food and it is possible I may have swallowed chunk of pancake without thoroughly chewing it, still I think the risks are low and I felt fine the rest of the day.

Eating out is sometimes risky business.

-Justin Germino

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