Ways to Make Money With Twitter

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Twitter can be more than just a way to connect with others and is a valuable social media tool for bloggers and entrepreneurs looking to try and increase earnings and awareness about their products and services.  The most effective way to make money on twitter is by establishing a trust and reliability with your following by having clear and consistent two way conversations and providing valuable information to your followers.

Once you have established a trust and a name for yourself you will start having true fans who may be more inclined to see what you are promoting and potentially make a purchase decision based on your recommendation.  Naturally if you are a company or selling your own product you would be pushing for people and followers to purchase your own brand of offerings, but what if you were just a casual user without a product to sell?

There are still ways for casual Twitter users to make some money online by promoting other advertisers content.  See advertisers will pay people to promote their products or services to their followers, this improves brand awareness and typically most of these programs are Pay Per Click (also known as PPC) where you are paid a certain amount of money per click on the link in your tweet.  This can range from ten cents to a dollar or more per click but if you have a large Twitter following this can really add up, with 20 clicks at .50 cents per click equaling $10 just for promoting one product or service.

You have to build and establish a large twitter following to really reach higher earning potential, this involves using Twitter search or other services like Twellow.com or Refollow.com to find people in related fields or friends and followers of people in your own market.  Then you can find some programs that actually pay you to promote products or services on Twitter and some of these are listed below.

SponsoredTweets.com is a program that has both CPC opportunities where you promote a product and get paid per click, but they also offer direct advertiser purchases.  This is where an advertiser hires you for a flat rate (say $2.00) for one tweet to your followers.  This isn’t a cost per click offer and you get paid no matter how many clicks the offer receives, though if there are very few clicks you may be asked to retweet the advertisement.

MyLikes.com is another program which pays you in a cost per click and has dozens of advertisers in the system.  You simply find which product or service you want to promote and send out the promotion for it receiving money based on how many clicks it receives.  This program limits you to only 1 advertisement per day period, you can never send out more than 1 MyLikes sponsored message per day and this program should be used in conjunction with other Twitter programs to maximize your Twitter earnings.

Ad.Ly is another program which pays you to tweet out messages and has a pool of messages in the system you can choose from.  In this program you are assigned advertisers based on a match, you don’t browse a list of offers and choose what you want to take.  If you have a particularly large Twitter following you can make $50 per month or more from this program alone.

be-a-magpie.com is yet another program which pays you to promote advertisers products or services on Twitter.  This program will insert advertisement messages between your normal tweets at a set rate you control.

With a combination of the following above programs and even other programs you could potentially earn $50, $100 or more per month just from socializing on Twitter.  Combine this with the fact that some of these programs will also pay you per click from Facebook you could earn from more than one social network. 

You can make even more if you have your own program, or Amazon affiliate account and promote links to products/services you recommend with your Amazon affiliate (you get the commission if the user purchase what you recommend or anything else in the Amazon store after they clicked on your link).

Be creative and be interactive on Twitter, just remember that most people now accept and assume some promotion will go on, but make sure you don’t over promote as to be spammy or look like a marketing bot without any real personality.

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