EasyAzon 3 Released But Problems with Suffusion Theme

This post contains affiliate links.

I was installing to test the EasyAzon 3 plugin which has a completely new search functionality but unfortunately it doesn’t play nice yet with the Suffusion framework theme which is on DragonBlogger.com so I had to down grade back to EasyAzon 2.1.3.


EasyAzon is my favorite WordPress plugin for easily searching and adding Amazon affiliate linked images, info boxes and links into posts and supports localization, link cloaking and add to cart direct functionality which means the cookie will stay for over 70+ days if the user keeps the item in the cart and orders it at a later date, instead of just the 24 hour cookie when they click the link and decide to cancel or not purchase the product.

The one bummed thing is the add to cart default doesn’t work between EasyAzon 2.1.3 and EasyAzon 3.0, in EasyAzon 2.1.3 when you default add to cart, images and info boxes will send the user to the "add to cart" page, but when you upgrade to EasyAzon 3.0 the tag for add to cart functionality has changed so the user is sent to the normal product page instead of the add to cart page.  This means all my older posts will revert from add to cart to normal product page but this isn’t that big a deal once they get the theme issue fixed.


I still love and use EasyAzon all the time, and this new EasyAzon 3.0 didn’t have any issues on my Graphene themed blog, so it clearly just had an issue with Suffusion, or with some widget code in my sidebar specifically.  Meanwhile, EasyAzon 3 adds additional localization functionality like Amazon India is finally added, and you have advanced search capability with a full page search window.

I will do a full review and showcase more after this theme fix issue is resolved but I am optimistic about the plugin and the best part is the EasyAzon folks are giving you a free upgrade from 2.1.3 to 3.0, most companies only give you point release upgrades for free and charge an upgrade free for the next version so this is a good deal for existing EasyAzon customers.

EazyAzon is well worth the $47 for an unlimited license and you can use the product for all of your WordPress blogs.

Updated: November 16, 2013 — 10:23 am