Every Contractor Should Have a POS Machine

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It’s really simple actually, I hate using checks.  Despise it in fact, and I don’t’ want to have to write another check again.  This isn’t just for companies where I can use Bill Pay for when they don’t accept credit card payments online or over the phone but also applies to every local person I hire for basic services from landscaping to cleaning.


Virtually any smart phone can be made into a credit card pos machine now, you can even have full kits ordered that come with cash drawers, receipt printers and more for a decent amount.  If I had someone come to my door and offer to say trim my palm trees, if they had the ability to swipe my card in their pos card reader for iPhone, Android or whatever.  I would be much more inclined to purchase the service and they just made a sale.  I don’t even mind if individual contractors charge say 3% on top to have the convenience of paying with credit card so they don’t eat that transaction fee from their side of the earnings.

They can give the $5 discount to the cash customers, it is worth my convenience not to have to write a check honestly.  Also they don’t have to go find someplace to cash it either.  Though I imagine some individual contractors probably don’t use bank accounts and still cash check directly with no means of tracking or depositing the earnings this still could be a viable option for most of them.  Bottom line, if you have a smart phone and you offer services you should give the clients the ability to pay any way they are able to.

Now, this applies to even something so small as a neighborhood yard sale or garage sale.  How many people show up and don’t have more than a few bucks, if you had a POS system you would probably sell a lot more at your garage or yard sale!

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