Dungeon Siege 3 Releases on May 31st

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Okay, so Dungeon Siege was a game I used to play with my wife and was one of my favorite alternatives to Diablo II back in the day.  Very similar in style I liked the LAN aspect of it and used to spend countless hours pillaging dungeons and loading my pack mule to the bring of collapse with treasure.


I was extremely excited to see that Dungeon Siege III is set to be released on May 31st and that it is being put out by one of my favorite game companies Square Enix the makers of the famous Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series of games among others. The game is from the creators of Knights of the Old Republic and Fallout: New Vegas and certainly has me excited at the potential the game could have.

The game looks positively stunning and is probably a good one to pick up for those waiting for Diablo III, here is some gameplay video from last year:

Hopefully I will have my newer core computer components as the game looks graphically intense and probably requires an upgrade of my video card to take advantage of the visuals. You can pre-order your copy of Dungeon Siege 3 today and make sure you have it for when it releases.


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