Little Food Hoarder

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Yep, this little dog comes with some pretty interesting quirks and not just that her name is Donut.  She is an absolute food addict and will not only hoard any treat given to her but will go so far as to steal a bone from our other Boston Terrier Porky’s mouth and take it back to her cushion and growl and snap at him so he can’t take anything back.


She never growls or snaps at people, for instance myself or the kids can just go and take the bone right out of her mouth (but she usually tries to run).  She just is very possessive with the other dog.  She will also go and hide the treats in couch cushions or under blankets throughout the house and the other dog will sometimes just get too close to her stash without realizing it which causes her to charge at him and chase him off.

It is funny, Porky who is bigger and much younger at 2 1/2 years old could easily take Donut if they really went at it.  But now he wanders looking for a place to lay down and it is almost as if he don’t know if he is going to step on a landmine and have her attack him.  He literally deliberates on whether he wants to jump on a couch or whether he should lay somewhere.  She has him always nervous that he is going to set her off like a trap.

The only time he gets even is when they play tug of war, where she deliberately dangles the rope toy in front of him and encourages him to take ahold and fight back.  He is of course stronger and I have seen him drag her across the floor, when he gets the rope toy he will hide it.  Outside he goes and hides them in rose bushes knowing she has a hard time trying to get them without getting pricked by thorns. 

Funny little game, my wife and I call them "Pinky and the Brain" with Porky definitely being Pinky and Donut being the Brain except she doesn’t want to take over the world she just wants to take all the food in the house and claim it as her own.

-Justin Germino

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