SocialSpark Launches Referral Program

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I have been a SocialSpark user for over two years and when they announced last week that they now have a referral program I was thrilled but also disappointed at the referrals I could have had from recommending the great blogging service to others.

SocialSpark has earned me over $3,000 over the past two and a half years and it does this by offering bloggers money for writing honest reviews about advertisers and their products.  These advertisers want actual reviews pure and simple, they aren’t looking for a backlink steal (all links are nofollow) they also want the truth and if you positive or some criticism they want you to talk about it on your blog.

You will find generally advertisers pay better on the SocialSpark network than almost any other blogging network and I have done opps for as much as $200 for a single paid opp (only 1 or 2 per year I get of this magnitude though).  Most opps are between $15 and $50 dollars depending on how popular your blog is.

I did a review of SocialSpark when they first converted over to the new system back on and I encourage you to join SocialSpark if you want to be paid to do product reviews on your blog.

Tips for using Social Spark

New Social Spark 2

Social Spark Direct Publishing

Some pretty cool products I have reviewed include:

Tony’s Pizza

Hilton Branson Missouri

Wasp Barcode Technologies

Shiny Search

GlideTV Navigator

ClickBooth CPA

Honestly, IZEA is my favorite company that pays bloggers as they have some really great programs like SocialSpark, SponsoredTweets, PayPerPost, WeReward and InPostLinks.  SocialSpark is their flagship in my opinion and offers the highest quality advertisers with the best rates for bloggers.  If you do a search for Dragon Blogger on Alexa you will see that SocialSpark is one of my primary search terms for my technology blog.


-Justin Germino

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