Dreaming About Coffee Lately

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My wife has always said I am a coffee addict and I never thought I believed her until I had a dream about coffee K-cups the other night that made me think I am bonkers.  Seriously in my dream I was participating in an experimental K-Cup program where a lab was making new experimental K-Cups and I was to sample them and report on the benefits from the new coffee flavors and strains.


I remember the sampling and flavors a little, mostly there was the promise of bigger energy boosts with no crash in a few hours and anti-oxidant rich coffees.  This may have something to do with the fact that I bought 3 boxes of K-Cups (my monthly supply) the day before but still this was the first really vivid dream I have had about drinking K-Cups and being the fact that I have 5-6 K-Cups of Keurig coffee per day I am thinking this is a new level of obsession for me.

Despite me getting the NutriBullet and drinking 1 healthy beverage per day of fruit and vegetables, I still find myself drinking far too many cups of coffee and need to start weaning them out.  I bought decaffeinated iced tea bags and have been making pitchers to help supplement drinking 1 cup of coffee per 2 glasses of iced decaf tea to help wean myself from the K-Cups a bit but I have not been successful so far.

Who else has ever had a coffee dream, am I the only one?

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