Ordered More RAM

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With some Amazon credit I decided my Dell XPS 18 needed more RAM after the 4GB it came with just was not up to the snuff with the amount of applications I need to have open to be efficient.  I love the 18” screen and the portability of the tablet, it was so nice being able to simply scroll websites with the touch of the screen and to use it as a Netflix movie screen at night.

The new RAM came from Kingston Digital and should arrive sometime right before New Years, honestly if you have 4GB of RAM for your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC, upgrading to 8GB of RAM can make a huge difference in the sluggishness of open applications and task switching.

Meanwhile, I still have a bunch of product reviews to catch up on this week including testing out a new ScreenBeam Pro which uses the Intel WiDi to beam your PC screen to an HDTV, also have a few Anker products and other products to finish up the reviews on.

I will say that I totally suck when it comes to putting on screen protectors on tablets, even with all the YouTube videos, flat cards, I cannot get rid of bubbles in the screens when stretching them across a 7” or 10” tablet no matter how methodical I try to be.  This is really a frustration and I have ruined 2 sets of screen protectors already for the Kindle Fire HDX trying to get them installed properly.  I feel like the Martin Short skit “Is it me, or is it him?”

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