Elemental Kingdoms: Completed Scarlet Nation

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The past few days I finally triumphed in collecting every star on the 8th map of Elemental Kingdoms which is also known as the Scarlet Nation, by far the most difficult Blackhaven Dungeon was difficult to defeat with my deck which still only has mostly Taiga General and 1 Santa as my five star cards, I do have 1 level 10 Fire Kirin but going up against that army is difficult.

2013-12-23 14.51.26

The game continues to hold my interest mostly in PVP battles and trying to see if I can uncover new holiday cards, I really want to try and score the Jack Frost 5 star card.

I also created my clan, and feel free to join the Dragoons and become part of my clan in Elemental Kingdoms.  The game is out for iOS and Android.

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