Depositphotos Free Trial Subscription for Bloggers

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I did participate in the free trial subscription of Depositphotos for bloggers earlier this year and have to tell other bloggers that it is completely worth it and you should sign up immediately here:

The main reason is that you get a set duration subscription where you can download 5 images per day (royalty free) and keep those images, if your blog is popular you could get a 30 day subscription (or longer) and get 150 images for free that you can keep and use as often as you want.

These images come in 5 different sizes including vector as well and you can greatly increase your media library by adding generic images to represent the categories, niche topics you cover most frequently.


Depositphotos has millions, literally almost 7.5 million images you can choose from and their images span every possible category you could think of including:

Their pricing is very reasonable and honestly I was so impressed I am becoming a paid subscription customer when my free trial expires.  The cost per image when getting a subscription plan is more competitive and better than virtually any other stock photography site on the web.

I also like browsing the newest uploads so you can grab fresh original images that likely haven’t been used on other sites before and recycled many times.  This is a great way to also come up with new blog post idea’s around an image and I leverage this for my poetry blog as well (nothing like creating a poem around an image).


If you use stock image photography for your websites right now or you leverage free image libraries then I encourage you to check out and give the Depositphotos free trial subscription a go.  You wont’ be disappointed and you will be amazed by the quality and sheer amount of images and sizes available.  With these images I was able to make a new Facebook Header for my DragonBlogger Technology Fanpage too!


Check out the stock images for bloggers trial from Depositphotos today and see why I have been raving about them.

-Justin Germino

Updated: May 19, 2012 — 8:30 am