Starting a Conversation with a Blog Post

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One of the commenters on my guest blog post about blog commenting left a statement that stuck with me.  They ended their comment stating "Posting an article should be the beginning of a conversation not an end." I couldn’t agree more that this is what separates a blog from a news site and bloggers from editorial writers and journalists.

As bloggers you aren’t just supposed to report about information, you are supposed to engage your readers and share opinions and bring in conversations.  There are different goals in mind on why you would want to accomplish this but one of the most clear benefits is simply encouraging comments and building a relationship with your readers that leaves a lasting impression.  If a reader "knows you" as a person who is the author of information instead of just knows the article they have read.  They are more inclined to come back, engage and follow that author for future articles.

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One thing you see lacking with most offered guest posts is "engagement" and "opinions" too often you will see rewritten content that will be Copyscape free but will also offer little to the reader that will provide a lasting impression.  Most guest posters have no vested interest in your readers or audience and so therefore will not have personality injected into the blog posts you are given.  Personality is important for any article on a blog that you own or administrate, anyone can present the statistics and information but doing so in a way that entertains or contrasts is what gets remembered.

Always approach articles with your own personality, opinions, style when presenting information and always open your blog post up to conversation by inviting conversation, challenges, support, opinions or even bring up a controversial or emotional topic from time to time and get people riled up and incited to leave feedback or opinions on your article.

Remember, conversations are the lifeblood of blogs and you want to make sure you are promoting conversations, if you aren’t then you mine as well just disable commenting on your blogs.

-Justin Germino

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