Gluten Joins the Family

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Last night we picked up Gluten after 7 weeks of waiting and started the process of integrating him with the family.  He is a 7 week old Boston Terrier male puppy and is just the sweetest thing.  The kids were so looking forward to him coming home and we had dinner at PF Chang’s last night, picked him up and head straight home.

We took him to the yard right away so he knew where to do his business, then slowly introduced him to our two other Boston Terriers.  We have a doggie door so hopefully potty training him wont’ be too hard as he learns to follow the other dogs out and back in.

Gluten has an unusual coloration for a Boston Terrier in having almost one complete black and one complete white paw.  His left front paw is all black except for white on the tip, this technically is not breed standard but part of the thing that makes him so unique and attracted us to him as a puppy.


Say hello to Gluten, there will be a ton of pictures of him coming up in future posts.

-Justin Germino

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