Deer Knight Spell in Wizard 101

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So after waiting weeks and trying various Knights Lore packs in Wizard 101 my son finally got the permanent spell of Deer Knight added to his spell deck.  This is one of the rarest cards you can get with the Knights Lore pack.  Anytime you win a card that gets permanently added to your spell deck is a great thing as permanent spells are rare compared to treasure cards.

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The Deer Knight is a death spell that not only does damage against all opponents but also leaves a lasting damage marker which continues to do damage for several more turns in addition to the initial damage.

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Some of the spell animations are truly fun to watch in Wizard 101 and Deer Knight is one of the coolest Death spells that costs 5 pips and is a great choice for those who have Death as their primary school (or who have a Death mastery pendant).

Personally as a Storm Wizard for my primary class and Life as my secondary class I am hoping to get the Catalan card as a permanent spell card in my deck.

It did take about 15 purchases of the 399 crown Knights Lore pack to win the Deer Knights spell.  It is random, as my youngest son got it on his 3rd pack.

-Justin Germino

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