About the CCDP Cisco Certification Exam

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The CCDP or Certified Design Professional is a design certification, and an advanced one at that. The CCDP validates that professionals possess the knowledge of the workings of Cisco devices and innovative and new ways to interconnect to them. With this type of certification, a professional can create an advanced security network, data center or network management. You must be actively certified with a CCDA in order to complete the exam. There have been some changes to the exams offered for this certification but currently these are the exams you are required to pass.


• 642-902 ROUTE

• 642-813 SWITCH

• 642-874 ARCH

The CCDP certification has two exams in common with CCNP and CCDP certifications; ideally a person that has already received their CCNP and CCDA could obtain their CCDP certification and take only one test, the 642-873 ARCH. You can find help studying for these exams at tests live, where all the material to help you pass is available.

A Cisco Certified Design Professional possesses knowledge of network design concepts and principles and can create the most advanced network architectures, building multi-layered switched networks and building scalable internetworks. With this level of education you can improve the quality of the networks you create, raise your salary and advance your career.

In the IT industry it can never hurt to keep advancing and picking up more career certifications and if you work with routers, switches and firewalls then picking up a Certified Design Professional certification can help improve your resume and make you a more attractive prospect for employment.

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