Need to Update Life Insurance Soon

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I can’t believe my 10 year term life insurance has almost come up and I now have to go through the process of getting another policy, where has the time gone?

I remember getting my policy when my wife was pregnant with our first child and wanting to make sure everyone would be covered just in case.  But this is a good time for me to look at adding additional coverage and shopping around more for different companies. 

Diversifying I think would be best and having two policies with 2 different companies may be a better benefit than one larger policy with one company.

I will do some research and make the best choices to cover my family, meanwhile I remember reading in Dave Ramsey’s book about term life insurance being the best option until you can pay off enough debt and then start saving enough income so that you don’t have to have any life insurance.  The book outlined that whole life and universal life were never a good investment compared to paying off debt and investing in yourself where a better return than you could receive from a more expensive health care coverage.

Either way time to do some investigation and research on something I hadn’t had to look at in quite a few years. 

-Justin Germino

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