Death of a Family Christmas Tree

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It is with great sadness that this weekend marked the passing of a fake Christmas tree that had been used in my wife’s family for over sixty years.  The tree made with a solid wood cylinder and old style metal wire hooks to slide in branches slowly eroded over the past decades and even with every attempt to repair just it just isn’t able to hold up anymore.  This marked the first time in probably 8 years we had to go out and buy a new Christmas tree and fortunately Big Lots was running some good sales.

We wound up getting a 6′ tree with lights built in for around $60 and bought an extra set of multicolored lights to string around it.  I don’t have it all completed yet, but we already have a start on our indoor holiday decorating and 3 trees are already up but full decorations are not yet completed.  In my family we tend to decorate pretty heavily and will probably have 6,000 lights up outside the house by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.

There will be some pictures to showcase the display when I am completed.

-Justin Germino

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