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I was really glad when I read the latest notes for 3.5.6 that they fixed the copy/paste issue to Windows Live Writer and this will make it a bit easier when working with Live Writer as I don’t have to save off my images to my desktop first and now can just copy/paste them from Paint.Net right into the Windows Live Writer editor.

This feature was actually lost with the 2011 version of Windows Live Writer and I am happy to see the functionality has been restored.  Live Writer is not as efficient as it used to be since they moved the options into the top ribbon and your description and slug are no longer accessible on the same page but you have to click "View All" just to see the slug and post description options.  This costs some time when editing posts and reduced efficiency from the previous version of Live Writer in my opinion.


Still this Paint.Net fix for copying and pasting images into Live Writer does save some time again and I just hope that some additional Live Writer enhancements come out like being able to place custom options anywhere in the ribbon bar like you do for Word become available.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: November 22, 2010 — 8:00 am